Uriage Roséliane, an anti-redness cream with SPF30

Are you suffering from redness in your face?
Try! Uriage Roséliane anti-redness, a soothing and calming cream with a SPF factor

I have already been suffered from redness in my face. But it got worse when I got pregnant. Especially around my nose, veins bursted and this gives a very red nose as a consequence! This is called couperose!

Just to be clear, this can only go away with laser therapy!
What I wanted to do at this point is calm the skin and prevent it from getting worse. That’s why I started using Uriage Roséliane SPF30. The following ingredients are important here:

– Phytosphingosine: anti-microbial, stimulates the skin’s natural defence system
– antioxidants like tocopheryl acetate to combat the signs of ageing
– Emollients
– Sunscreen agents

uriage anti redness
uriage anti redness

It’s very important to avoid things (as much as possible) that can make it worse: alcohol, spicy food, temperature fluctuations, excessive sports,… There is also a genetic component.

Secondly, avoid irritating ingredients in cosmetic products! Alcohol for example or camphor, ammonia, some perfumes,…
There are quite some irritating ingredients that can be present in cosmetic ingredients. I cannot sum them all up, so feel free to send me a message when you have a question.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
This one has an SPF, so ideal to put on in the morning. Uriage Roséliane anti redness will protect you for about 2 hours from the sun. Meanwhile it keeps the redness under control.

Make sure to not use any cleansers or tonics before this cream which contain ingredients like alcohol, as this might make the redness worse. And don’t forget to reapply sun screen every 2 hours, especially during the hot summer.

More info about this great Uriage Roséliane anti redness can be found here!

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