Uriage Hyséac, a cleanser for a combination to greasy skin!

If you suffer from a combination skin, use a good cleanser for your skin type!
Try! Hyséac cleansing cream from Uriage, ideal for a combination, greasy skin

You are looking for products to cleanse a combination skin? But first things first, what is a combination skin? If you have this skin type, you can have greasy zones on your forehead, nose area, chin with some blackheads and/or pimples in these parts.
You can find a product for everything you need in the pharmacy.  But let’s focus on the cleansing part for now. 

What is a greasy skin?
A hyperactive sebaceous gland which ends up in a pore is the cause of this greasy feeling. Pores can gett blocked with this sebum, death skin cells,… and cause a pimple. When this plug is exposed to air it gives a blackhead.

Causes of a greasy to combination skin?
– Hormones
– Using the wrong cosmetic products
– Cleansing your skin too much
– Some chemical & medical substances
– age
– …

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
What can we do? People often get a cheap cleanser at the supermarket, but these are often too strong, they damage the hydrolipid film. As a reaction, the skin will only produce more sebum. Your skin really needs to be cleansed, even if you don’t wear make-up, as sebum and skin flakes often block the sebum gland. Add to that some bacteria and an overproductive gland and acne is what you get.
And these days don’t forget about polluted particles, which also have the ability to block your pores. 

Uriage Hyséac gel or cream
Cream: cleanses and removes excess in sebum. Contains a special ingredient, piroctone oleamine; regulates the fungal flora on your face  and works as a preservative. Contains calming and soothing ingredients, so you don’t dry out your skin when cleansing.
Gel: soft soap, cleanses and removes excess in sebum.

I  prefer the cream. It’s softer and definitely better when you also have dry areas on your face.
One more remark about squeezing pimples out.

– use a tissue. Even better, stay off!
– Always disinfect after squeezing out a pimple

Don’t forget cleansing your skin is a top priority! And don’t forget to take a cover stick with you when going out; you never know when that pimple decides to show up 🙂
More info about this great cleaner here!
Uriage has more great products for your cleansing regimen, but we will talk about those very soon 🙂

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