Isdin Ureadin Ultra 20 or 30, 20% or 30% ureum for your hydration

As you already know, I have a very dry skin on my arms. They need hydration
Try! Isdin, which consists of ureum, ideal for dry, rough skin

I’m a big fan of testing hydrating creams as I suffer from a very dry skin myself! This time I’m testing Isdin Ureadin Ultra with the key ingredient ureum.

Ureum is well known for it’s hydrating properties and has already been used for a very long time! It makes sure your skin can take up a lot of water, making your skin softer and chase away red, flacky zones.These zones mostly appear on the arms (around the elbow) and legs (around the knees).

Be aware that for people with a very dry skin the cause is mostly internal (genetically) and will never completely go away! The preparations which exist on the market will diminish the symptoms and that will already make your life a lot easier.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I’m trying the 20% ureum cream now for about three weeks and I see it gets better. But I think I need an even higher hydration level! Luckily they go until 40% ureum, so even a higher hydrating level. Afterwards I tried 30% and this one is definitely better for me!

ureum cream by Isdin
ureum cream by Isdin

I hydrated my skin 2 times a day with Isdin Ureadin for about three weeks. Apply the cream in a thick layer and leave it on for 3 minutes, afterwards smear it out!
The red buttons are fading away and my skin is less rough! But for me prolonged use is recommended. Anyway, I know I will have to hydrate my skin 2 times a day for my whole life! And I know this top cream with ureum will be one of my companions on the way 🙂

Isdin has a lot of products in it’s Ureadin range! Ureadin, 10, 20, 30, 40 and even a spray & go. Check more products here!

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