Triathlon preperations, a small recap by Your Skin’s Choice!

I just did my first triathlon and I liked it! But what did I do as a preparation?
Try! food supplements and sport creams

I ‘m used to swimming, running and using my race bike, but doing these three sports in one day and end to end is something different! One month in advance of the triathlon in Antwerp, I won a ticket from decathlon. So I had no other choice, I was going to participate!

Swimming is the hardest for me as I’m not used to crawl swimming. But with some extra tips from friends and a lot of training that went quit well.
But, as you know, I often suffer from chin splints, so I had to make sure this inflammation wouldn’t interfer! I started googling and these are the supplements that are in my daily routine now, especially when I train for a competition.

triathlon preparation with SoriaBel Fosprint Sport
triathlon preparation with SoriaBel Fostprint Sport
  • arnica 9CH by Boiron: on an every day basis I take three granules and also 5 before and after the training. Arnica is used to prevent muscle pain, fractures, swelling, inflammation,… Ideal to take before the triathlon as your muscles have to endure a lot during swimming, running and racing!
  • Belliflor by VSM: this gel is ideal to put on before and after the triathlon or simply before and after a run to prevent muscle stifness (be careful with sun exposure).
  • SRL Complex by VSM: I tried everything for my muscles, really everything but nothing really helped. This is a gel based on plants which stimulates blood circulation and diminish es inflammation and pain in the muscles.
  • Magnesium: a shortage in magnesium gives weariness, spasms,… So the mineral is essential for a good prestation.
  • Glucosamine is the most important component of the cartilage and thus also essential for the good movement of our body.
  • Biocure Sport by Qualiphar to promote my energy level with fer, vitamin B and some amino acids for my muscles!
  • Fosprint Sport by SoriaBel! Just before the trialtlon starts, I have the feeling I loose a lot of energy due to stress. So half an hour before starting I take a fostprint Sport. This contains amino acids (essential for the muscles), ginseng and vitamin B12 (support the energy metabolism), and vitamin D3 (supports muscle function).

If you like to know more about food supplements let me know or check their websiste here:




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