Tinge for moms, a natural and Belgian cosmetic brand

Looking for a Belgian and natural brand to help you out with some ailments, big or small?
Try! Tinge for moms focuses on your specific needs as a mum (to be)

During and probably after your pregnancy as well, you will be confronted with a lot of ailments, big ones and smaller ones.
Your intimate hygiene, rough nipples,…

And if the baby comes, you will even be confronted with more and more skin problems like irritations and redness, a baby skin, which tinge also has products for, tinge for babies. But let’s focus on the moms in this blog.

The tinge for moms intimate wash gel is a wash gel focused on a moms or better ladies specific needs. In particular, during and after your pregnancy you might suffer from irritation and redness in your intimate zone.
In this case an intimate wash gel might be interesting. Usually, I don’t use any product, just water, but sometimes it’s just necessary.

This gel contains 99,6% natural ingredients and has the following benefits:
– alcohol-free to protect an irritated skin
– free of aggressive cleansers to protect your skin barrier
– contains a little bit of perfume (would even be better without but it’s also a wash off product so quite ok).
– soothing ingredients like wheat protein, bisabolol, panthenol,…
– respects the natural pH value of the intimate zone with lactic acid

The tinge for moms soothing nipple cream with 99% of natural ingredients is also a must-have:
– alcohol-free
– fragrance- free
– soothing ingredients
– calming ingredients
It can be used to prepare you to give breastfeeding or after every feeding.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I advise you to not use the intimate wash gel every day but every other day or less. Since a lot of women have intimate skin problems and can or could react to any kind of wash gel, I’m not a fan of using it daily. Luckily, this one has a soft composition, so no need to worry.
Avoid to use it internally, only externally and rinse it well.

The soothing cream can already be used even before you have your baby to prepare for breastfeeding but also to sooth your nipples after every feeding. You don’t need a lot, just the size of a pea is enough.

tinge for moms has more products in it’s range and there is even a tinge for babies range. All products are exclusively available at your (online) pharmacy like PharmaMarket right here!

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