The sense of White Musk

If you like the white musk fragrance, check out the white musk range of the Body Shop! From perfumed oils, to body mist and lotions, they offer it all.

When I was little girl, I remember we went on holiday to the Provence, in France. There, the subtle smell of a white musk perfume captured my attention. It was such a long time ago, that I really do not remember the brand or any characteristic about the bottle anymore. Since then I have always been looking for a perfume that resembles the one I discovered in my childhood.

 You know the feelisc-white-muskng of attaching warm, nice memories to certain odors. Well, that’s what I was looking for; that white musk scent that immediately brought all my childhood memories in France back. There is only one that came close and that’s The Body Shop range of white musk. They don’t only sell the original white musk itself, they also brought white musk mixed with other fragrances on the market. In general, there is a variety of choice; white musk, red musk, eau de toilette & eau de perfume of white musk and even its perfumed oil, body lotion & body mist, for men or women and even home fragrance oils.


My personal favorite is the perfumed oil & the eau de toilette. Both available in a really small bottle, ideally to put in your purse. The eau de toilette is a lighter, more subtle odor; while the perfumed oil is a bit more heavy scent that really lingers when you put it on. Personally, I prefer the oil to go on a date, to a party, for special occasions and the eau de toilette I use during the day to go to work.

Hope you find your match too 🙂

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