Tea Time with Or tea? The legendary drink reborn!

Tea time to rediscover the legendary drink!
Try! Or tea! Bio, from the tea to the packaging and perfectly serves as a gift!

I think it’s best to describe Or tea? based on a few key words:

Tea time with Or Tea!
Tea time with Or Tea!


  • Qualitative tea: it’s not an infusion, it’s real tea! It’s a watery dilution of the leafs of Camellia sinensis, the Chinese thea plant.
  • Bio: from the tea to the packaging, to event the ink that is used
  • The packaging is great! A present for someone else or simply for yourself 🙂
  • The taste is great. You immediately taste the difference between this and  a regular Lipton tea!





Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I tried the welness series which were offered in a lovely box with two tea bags of each variant.

  • Slimming Pu’er: Chrysanthemum helps with the digestion and thus your ideal partner in a healthy diet.
  • Energiser: ideal when you like ginger. It will wake you up and give you a morning boost of antioxidants.
  • Ginseng Beauty:
  • A sweet date: the sweetest of them all with his goji berries. These are known to have antioxidant properties and to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.
  • La vie en rose: black tea with a rose flavour. The best of two worlds and ideal to gibe you the happy boost!

I’m a strong believer of the effects of plants and their dilutions and I love tea so this Or tea? collection makes me very happy.
For me this is the ideal present for anyone who likes tea, the perfect variation to all the traditional flavours in the supermarket (which aren’t even real teas most of the time) with a very good price and a whole range of benefits. I can use a cup of tea in the evening, I always feel good afterwards!
This tea is available via Camellia S (or tea)  and is available in a lot of different shops in Belgium. They also distribute simply chocolate, which is also worth taking a look to!
Pst what’s your favorite taste? Mine ‘A sweet date’ 🙂

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