Biotona SuperSprouts, superfoods for a breakfast for champions!

Looking for an alternative for oatmeal, like a superfood?
Try! Biotona SuperSprouts! Gives you an energy boost!

I eat oatmeal with fruits and yogurt in the morning, but I got so tired of it. That’s why I was glad to be able to try something new, like Biotona SuperSprouts!
Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are super important! Biotona offers you a healthy way to add these nutriets to your lifestyle. It’s sufficient to only eat a small amount of these superfoods in order to get all required nutrients, and it tastes good. Hope you like it too 🙂

Biotona superfoods, supersprouts
Biotona superfoods, supersprouts

Contains a blend of (be aware to not be allergic to one of these) :
– White & black sesame
– Sunflower
– Pumpkin
– Buckwheat
– Broccoli
– Brown Millet
– Alfalfa
– Red Quinoa
– Oat
– Contains traces of peanut

– Digests easily
– Contains no phytic acid which normally inhibts absorbtion of minerals from our food
– Gives you a lot of energy and vitality!
– Organic, natural, raw, gluten free and vegan
– No preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, artificial colours, fillers and additives
– Rich of antioxidants
– The way they are produced (they let them originate, which gives them even more powerful benefits)
– Price: 9 euros/300g

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
You can use it with your breakfast: in your muesli, yogurt,… At lunch you can mix them in your salad or you can simply eat it as a snack. I like it best when I mix it with yogurt or almond milk and fruits in the morning. It gives me a real boost! It digests well, which is a big advantage when you suffer from a spastic colon, like me.
Hope you like your healthy Biotona breakfast as well!?

If you want to learn more about Supersprouts or other Biotona products, check here!

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