The sun, sunscreens and what often goes wrong…

You applied sunscreen and you still got a sunburn, how is that possible?
Try!  Read these sun tips to be well prepared for summer!

It’s summertime, the perfect timing to put this topic in the spotlights. If we look at the media, it seems the sun has more negative effects then positive on our skin. Well, actually when I was looking on the internet, I had the impression this is also true. Just don’t forget, that the sun also has positive effects and that we can protect our skin from these harmful effects.

Advantage or disadvantage?

Advantages: psychological well-being and vitamin D synthesis

Disadvantages: sun burn, pigmentation, skin ageing,…

What are UVA and UVB rays?

First things first, what is the difference between UVA and UVB?

  • UVA rays: can go deeper in the skin, are additive to UVB and can also cause skin damage when chronically exposed. If the sunscreen protects your from UVA rays is indicated on the packaging.
  • UVB rays: can cause early skin ageing, sunburn,… SPF or Sun Protection Factor represents the efficiency of sunscreen against UVB rays.
sun tips with Your Skin's Choice
sun tips with Your Skin’s Choice

So what goes wrong?

– The formulations are not so nice to apply making it difficult to rub the sunscreen in. Just think about those SPF50 sunscreens which leave a white layer on the skin even after you have rubbed so hard on your skin it hurts.

– We apply it too randomly: just think about the nice red lines people have on your back 🙂

– Timing! Don’t go into the sun from 12 to 4 PM, when the UV rays are the most dangerous.

– Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you actually go in the sun, which allows the ingredients to fully bind to the skin.

– We do not apply enough sunscreen and also not frequently enough. Actually you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. A good rule is the two-finger rule. Use as much sunscreen as the length of both your middle and index finger can carry. You should apply a full two-finger amount to each of these areas: head, neck, face, left arm, right arm, upper back, lower back, upper front torso, lower front torso, right and left upper leg and right and left lower leg.

– Removed by water or toweling. If you go into the sea or swimming pool often and thus (maybe) use a towel quite often, you also have to reapply sunscreen more often.

– We do not use and SPF which is high enough. If you are a lighter skin type (ginger, blond), you need a higher SPF then a brunette for example. Lighter skin types usually burn sooner, thus needing a higher SPF.

– Sometimes we only protect our skin from UVB rays and forget UVA.

Next week more about my  sunscreens and after sun treatments. So be prepared for spring & summer and don’t forget to always apply sunscreen 🙂


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