Your Skin’s choice sun care regimen is out! Check it out for summer!

Your Skin’s Choice always picks out a sun care regimen with easy sun screens!
Try!  Nuxe, Lierac, Darphin to have your beautiful summer tan!

– Nuxe Sun délicieux face and body SPF 30: a sun screen with a high SPF and a nice honey smell
– Lierac Sunific body oil SPF 15: contains little particles that reflect the light which activates the tanning process
– Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sun cream SPF50 Face: ideal to protect your face
–  Lierac Sunific Aftersun Cream Body: a perfect after sun treatment which strengthens your brown tan

We already talked a lot about sunscreens during the last couple of months, nevertheless summertime asks for a lot of sun expertise. Which products, which SPFs and which after sun?

So these summer holiday, I took along the following care products.

Your skin's choice sun care regimen!
Your skin’s choice sun care regimen!

1) Nuxe Sun délicieux face and body SPF30
The first days during summer, when your skin is still pale and needs to get used to being outside in the sun… Then I start with a high SPF. High SPF is everything from 30 and higher. This sunscreen from Nuxe smells like honey. I must say, it has to be your cup of tea. Some people think it’s awful; but I like it very much.

2) Lierac Sunific body oil SPF15
After a while I take a SPF 15, less strong to use on my legs and arms. And for the parts that can burn more easily and are more fragile, I still stick to the 30 or even 50. This sun oil contains little particles to reflect light which activates the tanning process. Plus it looks super nice on your skin.

Your skin's choice sun care regimen!
Your skin’s choice sun care regimen!

3) Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sun cream SPF50 Face
I always protect my face with an SPF 50 to protect my skin from the early ageing signs like sagging, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots,… You might have noticed that these are much worse with people who like tanning all day and do not protect themselves from UV rays. Your face is your trademark, protect it well! This sunscreen really smears out nice and smooth for a SPF50 which is usually a lot harder. For me, this makes it ideal to use on the face, because it doesn’t give that tacky after feeling, which you don’t want on your face all day.

4) Lierac Sunific Aftersun Cream Body
When I come home again after a sunny day outside, my skin tends to feel warm, even when it’s not burned. I absolutely love this cream from Lierac, it strengthens your brown tan, making sure you keep it longer. Sunfic Aftersun will also re-hydrate your skin, which is important as the sun also dries your skin out.


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