Spring Trends for 2015

Check out the make-up trends for 2015 here!!!


  • No Mascara or overload mascara!

Or we go for no make-up at all, or we go in overdrive with our new mascara. Personally, I’m a big fan of the brand KIKO Milano! The make-up and face care products are not expensive at all and give good results. Try KIKO Long Eyes Plus Active Mascara (http://www.kikocosmetics.com).
If you really, really want to go big, then give the under-eye lashes also some colour.

  • Beauté naturelle!

Cover imperfections and let it look like you are not wearing make-up at all. I already mentioned the concealer of Korres before, ideal to cover dark circles around the eye area. For imperfections on the rest of the face, I advise to use a powder. Check out the mineralised powder of MAC.


  • Go crazy with Metallic!

Highlight your eyes with metallic colours. Especially gold and bronze are in! In the day I use some gold, but really subtle and in the evening I add some bronze on top of the gold. I like shopping for cosmetics in Sephora. Certainly check out their own products. Nice colours, not too expensive. It’s here that I bought my first metallic eyes shadow and I’ve been using it ever since. Check out which Sephora metallic colour fits you best.

Available in a lot of European cities or via the website, http://www.sephora.com/.

  • Go for a small line or big smokey eyes!

As you might have noticed, I like to go for brands which are not too expensive and give really good results. To make sure I can draw a fine line or create those big smokey eyes, I go for the waterproof eye pencils from Yves Rocher. Really easy to use but not so easy to get off in the evening, so use a more oily make-up remover. If you want to go for the real smokey eyes, use the Classic Line Eyeliner feutre 24HR Felt liner from Sephora. Easy, dries quickly and very easy to remove.

Yves Rocher is a Belgian brand  available in a lot of Belgian and Luxembourg cities a or via the website, http://www.yves-rocher.be/control/main.

  • Make it glowUntitled

Nothing else can give me that ultimate spring feeling than a blush. But, I don’t find it really easy to buy a blush as they often are too pink for me. I like the strawberry, cherry colours better. Check out the blushes of Korres, Luminous Finish, available in 8 colours. I always go for Peach and Coral as these more red. Everyone has his own style of course so find your perfect colour.

Available in some pharmacies or via the website, http://www.korres.com/default.aspx?page_id=845.

And to top it of, add some perfume to your great looks. My 2015 spring favorite is Si from Giorgio Armani. Good luck looking your springs best 🙂



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