Some key tips to get started with sporting this summer!

You want to start living healthy and you want it now?
Try! these key tips will help you start sporting this summer and you’ll love it!

Being healthy is equal to doing sports but it’s also partly between your ears! Before you start with being active, here are a few things to think about:

– work on your self confidence! If I don’t feel good about myself, the healthy start of my life is already doomed to fail!

key tips to start sporting!
key tips to start sporting!

– do things you like! Fitness is super IN, but this doesn’t mean it has to be something for you. Search for a sport you like.

– it’s not only about sporting! You will also have to be adapt your food regimen. But this doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Being healthy can be fun and tasty as well. More about that in other articles.

– take small steps. So don’t go directly all the way. Start small and then go further.

– you need your friends and family for support. If your sister is also sporting actively or your mother is also eathing healthy, you will see that it goes much easier for you as well. I started a whats app group with my colleagues and we all posted when we were being active and what we were doing. We don’t sport together, we all do our thing, and it is really a big support.


– don’t be afraid to search for professional help. Their are professional trainers, coaches, dieticians, books and even good tips and tricks from friends and family. Use them!

– make it fun! So buy nice clothes and accessoiries to make it as fun as possible. Search for a friend who wants to go with you. And always keep your own ritme! It’s fun to run together with your girlfriend but you are not getting anywhere if she is slower or faster than you. Start together, this way you are obliged to meet somewhere to start the activity.

I hope these tips will help you get started!
If you want to start running, this magazine always gives good tips!

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