Slimming in 7 nights with Somatoline Intensive Gel 7 night

Looking for a product with a slimming in 7 nights effect for a smoother looking skin?
Try! Somatoline Cosmetic Ultra Intensive Gel 7 night

This time, I wanted to test something with slimming effects. A product that acts fast! That’s why I went for the brand Somatoline. Somatoline is a well known brand with a lot of different products with slimming and anti cellulite products. I decided to go for their unique simming in 7 nights gel. There is also a cream, which has the same benefits, not the same ingredients though, but the gel is more recommended if you already have some or a lot of variose veins.
As I’m genetically predisposed here, I went for the gel instead of the cream.

How does it work?

This gel has a slimming effect! It does this by working on three pathways:
– Draining; stimulates the excess of skin fluids that can build up
– Lipolytic: stimulates the accumulation of fat
– Prevents stocking of fat

The ingredients that help us to get those three effects are the following:
– sea salt: gives a soft skin effect and prevents fluid retention because of the osmotic effect
– Sericoside: stimulates drainage and prevents swelling
– sphacelaria scoparia or sea algae to prevent fat stocking

slimming in 7 nights
slimming in 7 nights

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
The gel is easy to massage in! Just take a small amount (the length of two fingers) in gel to use on one upper leg and buttocks. These are the recommended zones for the gel. Massage it in. Don’t be too gentle, but really massage it in very well. This is a good stimulation for your drainage. So push as hard as you can and can tolerate.

With this gel you can use one of their exfoliating scrubs to make sure the slimming 7 nights gel works even better. By eliminating the excess of death skin cells on the body surface with this scrub you will after that get a better effect of the gel.

The gel promises to give you an effect after 7 nights! I started with 48 cm (upper leg) in the beginning! After one week I lost 2 centimeters. But there is also a downside though. You stop with this product and the centimeters come back 🙁 So it’s just water that you loose actually (water retention).
I also read a lot of articles about this and found that massaging a product in with a lot of power (until it hurts) combined with caffeine gels have the most effect.


Above all, I liked testing this Somatoline gel. I like the fragrance, the feeling and in addition I had the impression the skin of my legs is smoother and firmer. I saw that it gives the promise it made, 2 cm slimming in one week. But just be aware that it is tempory and stops when you stop using it.
Found out more here!

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