Rouge de Couperose

When you suffer from couperose, keep the following things in mind when it comes to your skin care regimen.
Try! the antirougeurs range from Avène based on vitamin B3, and CG to respectively fortify the skin and vessels. And in the end, try to adapt your make-up as well (

Couperose, a fancy name for an irritating skin issue. But what does this couperose do to your skin and more important what can you do about it?

What is Couperose?
Due to temperature changes blood vessels will dilate with warmer weather and contract when it is colder. At a certain point they will stay dilated and the skin will appear red, flushed or blushing. It is present on the skin of the nose, cheeks and chin and looks irritated.

Usually it appears around the age of 30 and will reach his highlight at the age of 45. It appears more with women.

downloadWhat causes Couperose?

  • Skin type: thickness of the skin, elasticity of the vessels,…
  • Genetics: you can inherit more fragile vessels from you family
  • External factors: extreme temperatures, sun exposure, harsh weather conditions,…
  • Lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, stress,…


Tips, Tricks & Testing
A lot of people mix up couperose and rosacea. Can’t blame anyone, the two look a lot alike.  But when you suffer from rosacea, the sebaceous glands are also really sensitive to inflammation (pustels and/or papels) on top of all described symptoms above.

  • First thing to do it to avoid the causes: avoid sunbathing, going to the sauna, too spicy foods, chronic alcohol consumption,… when washing your face, try to avoid too hot water as this will make the blood vessels dilate
  • Secondly, try to have a consistent skincare regimen:

– Use gentle cleansers and path your face with a soft towel

– Avoid acids, fragrances and alcohol as they can be irritating for the skin

– A gooDSC01797d hydrating and calming cream which can help you reduce itching, redness, burning, irritation and stinging can already preform small miracles. You can try the antirougeurs range from Avene based on vitamin B3, and CG to respectively fortify the skin and vessels. The key ingredients are: ruscus extract (redness reducer); dextran sulfate (decongestant and anti-inflammatory that minimises puffiness).

 Keep in mind that these tips can help to diminish the redness but the will never take away the cause and issue. If you really want to keep the symptoms under control, talk to your doctor for more possibilities.

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