The beauty tool of the moment, the rose quartz roller

You want to work on your facial and skin appaerance?
Try! the rose quartz roller and gua sha, based on Chinese beauty rituals, with multiple benefits

I must admit, I have been doubting a long time if I should buy these beauty tools or not? Finally, I admitted, and I’m so glad, I did! The rose quartz roller and gua sha have so many advantages and it feels absolutely great and relaxing when you work with them!

  • Diminishes lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves the facial blood flow
  • Relaxes your neck and facial muscles
  • Promotes lymphe drainage, and as such it improves the elimination of waste substances which can pile up
  • Improves the look of dark circles and eye bags

With the gua sha, because of the bigger surface, you can put more pressure. This way it can be used on the body as well. Promoting blood circulation , eliminating waste substances and thus giving your skin a smoother, more egal look!

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I bought mine at Limberlux! I have this beauty tool at my computer in the day and in the evening in the sofa. It’s so relaxing and feels so good, that I regularly use it. To get the best results at least use it once a day.

If you also have their vitamin C serum and you use them both, it improves the absorbtion of this serum!
Be aware that this serum contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate, the stable form of vitamin C and therefore already active at a dosage of 1%. You can find 5% in this serum! This one is more stable and doesn’t oxidate easily, that’s why dosages are lower than for example ascorbic acid (15 to 20%).
So please take into account the form that your cosmetic brand works with and this together with the concentration. On top of that the serum als contains hyaluronic acid, the well-known hydrating substance!

To get the very best results, I would advise using the quartz roller together with the vitamin C serum. And this, at least once a day!

Then, the Gua Sha! Same benefits as the quartz roller but a bigger surface! So easier and faster results and can be used on the body! This gives the same results and can improve orange peel skin, as this is actually a pile up of fat and a decreased blood flow to drain waste.

All products are available via Limberlux, click here to go directly to their website! And find out more about their great products!

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