Remescar stretch marks, to treat and prevent all types of stretch marks

Are you looking for a good product to prevent and/or treat stretch marks?
Try! Remescar stretch marks for all kind of stretch marks!

This gel is ideal to treat and prevent stretch marks around the tights, breasts and abdomen.
They occur when the dermal tissue, the upper skin layer, tears because the skin grows or stretches fast. Over time, they change in colour, from red/purple to a lighter colour.
In the worst cases, this can cause itching, inflammation and even pain. So, better to prevent than cure!

The causes are still unknown but mechanical and hormonal influences certainly play a role! This is why we see this a lot during puberty and pregnancy.

Because I used this during and after my pregnancy, I will focus on this use now. Up to 90% of all women get stretch marks.

The most important ingredients are:
– PVP: forming a protective layer and creating a sort of micro-environment for the skin to ‘heal’
– Dimethicone: a silicone, which also forms a protective layer, fills in fine lines and is used for stretch marks treatment
– Aquaxyl: Moisturising and skin-reinforcing properties
– a large range of (super) mosturizers: lecithin, glycerin, betaine,… optimizing the skin’s natural moisturizing barrier and thus regenerating the affected skin tissue
– Methylpropanediol and tocopherol : to work moderate inflammation
– No alcohol and perfume and thus ideal for even the most sensitive skin types

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Make sure your skin is dry and clean before you start applying the remescar stretch mark gel!
Massage it in gently. No need to rub it in hard, as this will not improve the effectiveness.
Use it twice a day!
You can use it from the second month of your pregnancy on and during the time you are breastfeeding. But wait 30 minutes after you have applied the product.

As for my pregnancy, I can tell you, I have no stretch marks from it. I applied the product during the last month of my pregnancy, when most stretch marks occur and no signs of any marks yet! As for older marks I already had from when I was a teenager, I’m still applying the product as we speak. But you need more time to treat them than to prevent them. Normally, in about two to three months, I should see results here (cfr. conducted clinical studies).

Be aware that the sun can make strecth marks worse! So during summer, it’s a good idea to apply a sun screen on top. Wait before the gel dries and then apply a sun screen on top.

Keep in mind that a clinical assessment of data of the active ingredients has been done, supporting the fact that Remescar stretch marks prevents and treats stretch marks!

Remescar also has other great products, check them out here!

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