Re-boost your feet!

Suffering from dry feet during winter time as well?
Try! Louis Widmer Carbamide (forte). This contains panthenol and ureum to moisture your feet intensively and sooth spots which itch.


Dear youskinschoice,

 Spring is coming but the skin of my feet looks dry and I can really peel the skin off sometimes. I tried everything from moisturisers to lotions, to special foot treatments but nothing works! Any thoughts on this annoying skin problem?



Spring is coming, but all I want to do is hold my feet hostage in those long boots, because they really look and feel awful. But those new gold sandals are also staring at me, so time to get those feet out of those boots and make them soft and good looking.

The winter often makes your skin feel dryer. This is because of the low air humidity, lower temperatures outside, the warm temperatures inside and the hot showers we take to warm ourselves up. On top of that, our feet are actually the one’s that suffer most as they are covered in warm boots and shoes all day long. Because of this, natural lipids will lower in the skin. These are important to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. And all the heating sources we use extract moisture from our skin as well. This is why during the winter your feet (and other parts of the skin on your body) become dry.


  • Dry
  • Itchy
  • Flaky
  • A bit swollen

14. cavensJanTips, Tricks & Testing!?
Make sure your feet get the moisture they deserve! This will make your skin look soft, supple and smooth again. What I always advise people is to hold on to this pattern:

  •  Take a shower, but do not shower too hot
  • Massage your feet with a thick, moisturising cream
  • Wear a pair of socks for about two hours
  • Take the socks of before going to bed

When you wear socks, you will increase the humidity in that area. This will make sure your skin is more accessible for the moisturising ingredients in the cream.

12. cavensJan

  • Avoid perfume! The alcohol level in a lot of perfumes makes it difficult for your skin to hold on to moisture. On top of that it can cause irritation.
  • A really good foot cream is Louis Widmer Carbamide (forte). A really fatty, thick cream, which works as a charm. This cream contains Urea, which softens excessively. It enhances the skins water retention and panthenol soothes itching. The forte has more ureum (18%) and looks whiter on the skin (upper cream) plus this one has a menthol kind of smell which gives a nice cooling effect to your feet. Enjoy those happy feet 🙂
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