Pink perfect by Erborian, a secret glow skin refiner!

Looking for that secret glow and a perfect primer for your make-up?
Try! Pink Perfect cream by Erborian for a pearly glow and a smooth and radiant skin

Erborian combines Korean beauty technologies with high-quality ingredients which are derived from herbs found in tradional Korean medicine.
Therefore, I must say, I’m becoming a BIG, BIG Erborian fan! The products I tried are a ideal to prepare your skin for your make-up ritual.

This pink perfect cream refines your skin for a perfect complexion and above all has several other benefits:

– Gives your skin a soft-focus effect
– enhances the appearance of your skin tone with a pearly glow
– acts as a make-up primer
– Pumpkin seed oil regulates sebum production to your skin doesn’t look greasy

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
This is a wonderful pink perfect coloured cream. You don’t need a lot so don’t squeeze it too hard. Two small chick peas, one for each half of your face, should do it!
When you put is on, it makes your skin look smoothed, and more radiant at a glance. In addition, it covers up bigger pores, gives a small glow and a mat effect.
You only need this kind of cream in the day off course.
After applying the pink perfect cream, your skin is ready for it’s make-up ritual. You’ll see, your make-up will stay longer on your skin and will show of much more beautiful.

Erborian has more great products. But if you need to know more about this wonderful product, check their website here!

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