Miracle hair spray by Eleven Australia for all hairtypes!

Eleven Australia has a great hair spray for all hair types!
Try! miracle hair spray and discover all it’s great hair benefits

This product will solve all your hair problems! My hair was kind of dry, had little to almost no volume. So I went looking for a hair product that worked.
Eleven has great hair and body products. This lightweight, leave-in miracle spray has a lot of benefits because of these key ingredients:

  • Hydrolysed wheat protein strengthens and repairs the hair
  • Hydrolysed corn protein to condition your hair
  • Citric acid balances pH and soothes the scalp

    Most important, these are all the benefits:

    1. Provides extra shine and softness to the hair
    2. Controles frizzing
    3. Hydrates your hair
    4. Reinforces
    5. Detangels after washing
    6. Protects against heat
    7. Fixes your dry and damaged hair points
    8. Contains UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair colour and any harm caused by the sun

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
They have this product in a cream and in a spray form. The spray is really easy in use and smells very melon fresh. It’s for every hair type.
Spray it on towel dried hair like with a foundation product. For my mid lenght hair I need around 6 to 7 sprays. Afterwards, I massage it in and comb through, so it’s well spread over all the hair.

I have been using this miracle hair spray by Eleven for a couple of months now. This spray is really an added value to your hair routine. Above all, it’s super easy and quick in use. My hair has more glow and style, is well hydrated, just looks more healthy than before. Definitely oen of the best hair products I tested as a blogger.

On top it has some hydrating ingredients which really hydrate hair and scalp intensily.

In addition to this product, Eleven also has other great products, which you can check out here!

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