Les couleurs de noir cc cream, maximum coverage with SPF

Every woman, with every skin type is entitled to have the best make-up!
Try! Les couleurs de noir and especially their cc cream

Every woman, also those with allergies, are entitled to have the best make-up. les couleurs de noir focuses on avoiding ingredients that might evoke allergies. They made a black list with ingredients they don’t want to use. By the way, that’s where the name, les couleurs de noir, comes from. So for all their products this is their main focus!
I have tested some products of this brand before, check this post here!
But today, let’s talk about the les couleurs de noir cc cream!

It covers up everything, like a fond de teint, but the texture is much lighter!
– almond oil: moisturises
– glycerine: a great natural moisturizer. This is also a skin identitical ingredient
– SPF protection: SPF 30. Ideal to put this on top of your day cream

les couleurs de noir cc cream
les couleurs de noir cc cream

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
The best way to use the cc cream is with the couleurs de noir beauty blender. This one is latex free and very easy in use.
First, activate the blender with water, then squeeze the water out. Now, the blender is ready to use to blend the cc cream.

You don’t need a lot of this CC cream to cover your entire face. The amount of a pistachio nut is enough. You don’t need to cover your neck, because it doesn’t leave make up lines on the transition of face to neck.

You’ll see, it covers up everything and gives a very egal, natural look. Be aware that this product still contains a perfume, fragrance, but a hypoallergen. Maybe it contains another ingredient you can’t tolerate. les couleurs de noir tries to eliminate ingredients that often provoke allergies but you can still be allergic to something. This doesn’t have to do anything with it being a bad product!

Nevertheless, this is a great cc cream. It doesn’t feel greasy, easily spreads out, it hydrates while giving you a natural glow. And most important, no lines and traces are left behind. les couleurs de noir cc cream is also water soluble and thus easily goes off as well in the evening.

Take a look on their website, they have other great products, here!

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