Keratosis pilaris, a non infectious, genetic disorder

Have you been struggling with keratosis pilaris since you were young as well?
Try! Eucerin ureaRepair plus 30% urea for (extreme) dry skin

Keratosis pilaris, the goosebumps skin disorder, keratosis follicularis, lichen pilaris or folliculair keratosis. Different names for one skin disorder, which is not infectious but it is genetical.
I have been struggling with this since I’m 16.
It’s a genitical skin disorder and often associated with people with an atopy (hay fever, atopic eczema,…).

A good skin routine is important when you suffer from this:
– cleansing: use mild products that don’t make your skin even dryer (non or mild emulsifiers)
– scrubbing: use a mild sea salt scrub to stimulate exfoliation
– hydration: creams with salicylic acid, vitamin A and urea (like the UreaRepair) are advised for a softer
much softer skin.
Urea retains water and exfoliates, salicyl acid and vit A are mild exfoliators

General advise:

keratosis pilaris
keratosis pilaris

– don’t use irritating products
– try to do something about it because it can give extra stress
– sometimes it helps to avoid food that provokes allergies like gluten. In general it’s always better to eat healthy 🙂
– a more humide climate helps, so less symptoms in summer than winter
– bacteria can come into the hair follicles and provoke infections or inflammation and then it looks a bit like a pimple! Think about desinfecting it in this case (with fucidin for example).

Cause and symptoms!

Because of an overproduction of keratin, the hair follicles are blocked. This leaves you with some sort of goosebumps and a thicker, very dry skin.
It especially appaears on the upper arms and thighs but can also be visible on your face and buttocks.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I have been testing a lot of products. Does it ever entirely go away? No! just keep this in mind, because I don’t want to give you false hope. Can you make sure the symptoms are not that striking?
Yes, you can, and it will help, it can get better! You simply need an everyday skin routine with keratosis pilaris.
The ureaRepair products are a must have!

Like I said, if you suffer from keratosis pilaris, you need a good skin care routine. Find the cleanser, scrub and cream that works for you and use it at least twice a day. Eucerin ureaRepair has a high urea concentration (30%). It’s an emulsion, so shake it well before using it!

For more info go to their website here! Another good urea cream I tested is this one here by Isdin!

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