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Do you know the brand Les Couleurs de Noir? Their slogan is cosmetic products for every women, also those who suffer from allergies.
Try! Soft Fusion lip balm, a lip balm which nourishes your lips and has a great subtle pink colour!

Every woman has the right to have good cosmetic products, also women who suffer from allergies.

 This is actually where Les Couleurs de Noir stands for. They work with ‘a blacklist’, a list with all ingredients they do not want to use, ingredients that could provoke allergic reactions.

First of all, they make a distinction between an irritated skin and a skin with allergies.
An irritated skin can appear after applying a product, from rubbing your skin,… The skin will look red, sometimes it can become flaky. Mostly, this also goes away when you stop using the product.
Secondly, we have allergies. This is an abnormal reaction of the immune system on a total harmless substance (the allergen). The symptoms are redness, itchiness,…
Les Couleurs de Noir is convinced that every skin can look glamorous, also the one of ladies with allergies, that’s why all products are tested on women who have allergies.

10. cavensJanTips, Tricks & Testing!
A few weeks ago, I got a lipstick from the company, the Soft Fusion lip balm, the lightest colour. The colour is so subtle, perfect to wear every day and very, very soft. That it is so indulgent is because it is rich in Karité butter, which nourishes your lips. It also protects your lipsfrom skin ageing, with the included Vitamin E and jojoba oil. This last one also brings more elasticity to your lips. I must say, I was really surprised. The colour seems a bit too pink but once on your lips they don’t really look pink, they feel so soft and smooth and they actually look bigger with me. You can also really smell the Karité butter, a smell I personally like. Definitely worth trying out!

2. cavensJanI like to compare, so that’s what I did again. Les Couleurs de Noir lip balm versus Lierac Hydra Chrono+ Levres. This one also contains Karité butter and vitamin E and smells like raspberries. The colour is too pink and this is for me the biggest difference. I like that Les Couleurs de Noir added this subtle pinky touch and I must say I have been wearing it since. So Lierac – Les Couleurs de Noire: 0-1!

It is not because Les Couleurs de Noir focuses so strongly on women with allergic reactions that you cannot get one anymore. If you are allergic to an ingredient, always check the ingredient list no matter which brand. At Les Couleurs de Noir, they focus on the most common allergens and this is a really strong selling point of the company for me. I’m already a big fan, what about you?

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