Housewife Eczema

Firstly,protect your skin from irritants by wearing gloves when you clean, work in the garden,… and always remove jewelry during these activities.
Try! a wash oil, Eucerin pH5 Hand oil. And get yourself a good cream with antibacterial properties like, Remederm Silver Cream Repair from Louis Widmer.

We, women often take care of too much household tasks, and you can sometimes even notice this on our hands. That’s why we can call the following skin condition without a doubt, housewife eczema.

What are the causes?
This is the combo of an irritable skin  in contact with irritants. You don’t have to look that hard to find these irritants, they are everywhere and you are in contact with them more often than you think. Soaps, paint, oils, disinfectants, food,… can ‘attack’ your skin. Don’t be scared; not everyone who comes in contact with irritants gets this eczema. Some peoples skin is just more fragile than other’s and is more likely to react.

– Dry, irritated and red skin
– Cracked skin
– Open wounds

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
You have to protect the skin from these irritants or allergens. Try to keep the following things in mind when you are doing the dishes or performing housekeeping:

  • Avoid contact with the irritant itself. Wear hand gloves which do not let water through (PVC) when cleaning and work gloves to work in the garden. Always make sure they are still intact.
  • Remove jewelry, these might retain irritants afterwards and then cause a reaction.
  • If DSC01501you want to wash your hands, use wash oil, Eucerin pH5 Hand oil, and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards. This oil will provide you with the necessary lipids to make sure the skin barrier can recover.


  • Remederm Silver Cream Repair from Louis Widmer.
    DSC01509This cream can be used with housewife eczema. You can see small particles in the cream; these are the silver particles, with antibacterial properties. It looks a bit weird, doesn’t smell really nice either, and the cream is quite greasy but it gives great results and that’s what we need! Try to keep up the usage for a month (at least 2 times a day) and you will start seeing results.

If the irritations get worse, then it’s best to consult a doctor or dermatologist.

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