Frequent use shampoo with a high gloss finish from Furterer

Looking for a great, frequent use shampoo that gives your hair an illuminating gloss?
Try! Furterer Lumicia shampoo and conditioner for hair with a high gloss!

Affordable, great smell, great for every day use,… What do you need more? René Furterer is the expert in hair care for more then 50 years and has a large range of hair care products.
This shampoo focuses on high gloss! The smoother the hair surface is, the better light is reflected, which gives a high gloss! During the day our hair loses her capacity to do that because particles (pollution for example) stay on the hair, the hair drying,… Because of this the hair cuticle loses his smoothness and thus his gloss.
René Furterer Lumicia contains the following key ingredients:

  • Fioravanti alcoholate provides a glossy shine by tightening the cuticle. Because of this it also prevents that particles can hold on to our hair
  • Acerola vinegar, rich in vitamin C, smooths the cuticle and neutralises calcium deposition from water because of it’s acid pH and gives maximum high gloss
  • Vitamin B5, moisturises keratin, nourishes and repairs the hair cuticle

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
I already mentioned it before, I wash my hair two times. First time to remove all particles. Second time to make sure the ingredients do their job! And that works perfectly for me with every shampoo, also this one. The best way to finalise your your hair regimen is with a hair balm. Don’t ever use a balm on your scalp, because it will make your hair and scalp greasy.

The Lumicia is a great shampoo and balm. Soft, silicon free, perfect for an every day use and with a great smell. It gives your hair a natural gloss and isn’t that what every woman wants 😉 The balm has the great advantage, that it doesn’t need to be left in. After applying it you can immediately wash it out.

More info on this shampoo here!

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