Vegetable invasion

You want to eat healthy during winter?
Try! Homemade soup is always a good idea!

Go for a healthy, homemade soup instead of pre fabricated store soup. Don’t put to much effort to it, go for the easy way here.

healthy vegetable soup
healthy vegetable soup

There are enough studies that prove that frozen vegetables are as healthy as fresh one’s! So if you don’t have a lot of time, don’t give yourself a hard time.
2,5 kg of pumpkin, 2,5 kg of tomato, 2 onions and 2 toes of garlic is what you need for my favorite soup!
Start with frying the onion and the garlic and afterwards add the tomato and pumpkin! I always have a hard time giving soup a good taste, until I added coconut milk. Just add 200 ml the pot, after you have cut the vegetales with a mixer. Then garnish with salt, pepper, basil and some mediterranean mix.

This soup is a Your Skin’s Creation, for more healthy soups, check oen of my favorite Belgian food advisors Sandra Bekkari

And of you go 🙂

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