Healthy living and compression tubes

Healthy living! Running long distances and feeling pain in your legs afterwards?
Try! Decathlon compression tubes

I support a healthy living lifestyle, I run!
But after a while, especially after running for more than 10 kilometres for several times in a week, I felt my muscles were not recovering. A friend advised me to wear compression socks.
I bought these from Decathlon.
Available in three colours: peach, black and red. These tubes diminish the muscle fatigue during intensive running trainings. They are also available as a sock, so pick what you like!

healthy living
healthy living

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
On every sock left, right, top and bottom is indicated, so wear the correctly!
After my run, I also keep them on for about 20 minutes to make sure my muscles are supported to the maximum. My legs feel nice and warm afterwards if I leave them on, love it. I had good results with these socks. Less sore and painfull legs, so I always wear them now.
Hope you also have better running results with these 🙂

Check the website of decathlon for more info about these socks!


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