Hello Fresh Asian soup

We want healthy food but we all know the feeling, not enough time!
Try! Hello Fresh Asian soup.

Here the recipe for some healthy food, Asian soup!

healthy food, hello fresh Asian soup
healthy food, hello fresh Asian soup

This is one of the healthy, special recipies I discovered thanks to them lately.
For one person, you need:
– 1 cm of ginger, 1/2 red pepper, 1 carrot,150 g chinese cabbage
– 10 ml of soy sauce
– 50 ml of coconut milk
– 1 teaspoon of fresh cress
– 20 g of cashew nuts
– 75 g of buckwheat noodles

First, cut the ginger, red pepper, carrot, cabbage.
Aftewards, use some coconut oil to fry the ginger and the red pepper (1min).
Then, add the carrot, coconut milk, soy sauce and bouillon (500 ml of bouillon and one vegetable bouillon cube).
After that, add pepper and salt and cook for 12 minutes. Add the cabbage in the last 3 minutes.
At the end, cut the cashew nuts and start cooking the noodles.
Last but not least, add the noodles to the soup and garnish with the cress and nuts.

Bonne apétit! Try Hello Fresh, I bet you’ll love it!

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