Golden Run tips to complete your next challenge in runners world!

I love challenges. My next one is to run a marathon!
Try! install the asics run app, buy the right shoes and eat the best food!

The very first thing I did was installing an app! My Asics is a great app to prepare yourself. You just fill in what you want to accomplish, how many times a week you want to run and at which intensity and it will make a schedule for you. You can easily adapt the schedule, for example switch your run to another day. And Surf to If you click on a training it gives you the goal of this training and what you should do if you feel it’s not working out for you.

A golden run with Asics
A golden run with Asics

Secondly Accessories: I bought a sport watch (Polar M-400, more about that in anoter post), made sure I had comfortable clothing, a water bag for long distances and the right shoes!!!
The right shoes are the most important thing. Don’t buy them on internet unless you know exactly which type you need. Buy them in a specialised running store, where they watch you running on a conveyor belt.
I go to in Belgium. I’m sure they have similar stores in other countries. This way they see where your foot needs extra support. They also ask a lot of questions like where you run (street, park,…), how often you run,… to really make sure you get a shoe adapted to YOU. So if you decide to do a running challenge, buy the right running shoes.

Thirdly: the right food! I bought the sport cookbook from Stephanie Scheirlynk! What and when to eat before and after an intensive or a slow training? I can’t discuss everything here in one post, so more examples in another food post from Your Skin’s Choice!!!

Good luck finding your challenge!
Check the asics website for my all time favorite running shoes and decathlon for some outfits!

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