Go as u.r, the natural, vegan cosmetic label for girls on the go!

Looking for a brand which focuses on natural, vegan beauty; developed together with a cosmetologist
Try! go as u.r is your Belgian brand to try!

I met up with Annelies to talk about all kinds of topics. Natural, vegan, cosmetology, cosmetic perfumes, girls on-the-go and off course about go as u.r. (go as you are)!
Annelies, the founder of this great Belgian cosmetic/fashion brand, talked me through it!

She wanted to created a beauty brand in line with her values. So, this is how go as u.r came alive!
A natural and vegan brand. On top, the formulas are composed with scientifically proven ingredients. And if that’s not all, they are stored in bio-based recycled packages.
The cell renewal cream also contains a probiotic and this especially for strong, on-the-go women!
These cosmetics contain so many benefits in one jar.
But what do all these things mean?

– natural or from nature
– vegan: using or containing NO animal products
– scientifical formulas: contains ingredients which are scientifically proven
– packaging with the lowest possible environmental impact. 100% recycled plastic and paper
– probiotics are good bacteria that accelerate skin renewal and enhance the skin biome

Benefits of go as u.r!

I tested the cell renewal cream and the vitalising serum. The cell renewal face cream contains so many beneficial ingredients:

– antioxidants: grape seed extract, tocopherol,… protects your skin from the signs of ageing and for lines and wrinkles.
– exfoliators: lactic acid, gluconolactone. It makes sure that dead skin cells are lift off to make your skin more fresh and smooth. 
– soothing ingredients like rosemary leaf extract hydrate your skin!
– lactococcus ferment as a probiotic. Using probiotics creates an optimal environment for the good bugs, swinging the balance in your favor.

The antioxidant vitalising serum contains the same types of beneficial ingredients.
Antioxidants, exfoliators and soothing and skin beneficial ingredients.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Apply the serum after your cleanser and toner.
Because this is a gel structure, it’s easily absorbed. This serum is not hydrating enough for me, so as a result it’s definitely necessary to hydrate after using the serum.
Because the cream is quite firm and hydrating, it’s not ideal for a combination/greasy skin. But if you have a normal to dry skin, it will work perfectly for you.

Both of the products are packed in super nice bottles and smell great. They both contain a perfume. The serum smells like violet and the cream has a fresh minth touch.

I absolutely loved both products. The consistency is great, the serum is easily absorbed and the cream is soft and silky.
The serum absolutely gives you this natural glow and the cream gives your skin long term hydration.
After using it for a couple of weeks, my skin felt hydrated, supple, even skin tone, no acne or black dots appeared.

Annelies has other great skin care products and make-up.
So, if you want to know more about her and her great products, check out her website here!

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