What are the benefits of glycolic acid or AHA for your skin?

AHA or glycolic acid has great skin benefits, but what exactly?
Try! The Ordinary Glycolic acid toning solutions and you will find out!

AHA or glycolic acid belongs to the category fruit acids. These are the glycolic acid benefits:
– exfoliating: the ability to get rid off death skin cells. As we get older, it gets harder to get rid off them. This results in a dull skin tone. Getting rid off them wil brighten up your skin
– antioxidant: to fight the signs of ageing. High concentrations above 15% can even stimuate elastine and collagen formation.

Using glycolic acid also makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Make sure to protect your skin from the sun, otherwise this ingredient might have an adverse effect.

The Ordinary has a great product, AHA or glycolic acid in a 7% concentration. This one has all benefits above and is not only great for keratosis pilaris but also for pigment spots, uneven skin tone,…

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
You can use a concentration of 7% on a daily basis. Cleanse your skin and apply the lotion. After it has been absorbed, you can continue with the rest of your skin care routine.
Be careful with the sun and protect your skin from it when using glycolic acid.

I use this product on a cotton path and then on my arms. This is where I have the keratosis. After it is absorbed, I use a moisturiser, like Dexyane from Ducray!

Use AHA for keratosis pilaris. The piling up of keratin in the hair follicle is treated with an exfoliator, one of glycolic acid benefits.

It could be necessary for your skin to work with higher concentrations (more than 10%). These are not available on the market and have to be used under supervision, in a beauty institute.

Next to the benefits of glycolic acid, The Ordinary has other great products. Check The Ordinary products here!

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