Get that perfect glow with Mineralised powder!

The M.A.C. mineralised powder doesn’t really meet the definition of a mineralised powder. But it covers up really well and doens’t irritate, and that’s the most important!
Try! M.A.C mineralised powder, on top of your foundation to get the best results or just on your skin if you are in a hurry.

There is one product where I cannot live without and which already made sure I got tons of compliments is, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from M.A.C cosmetics. This belongs to the category mineralised make-up, but what does this mean?

What is the difference with ‘regular’ powders?
What’s in a name? This make-up contains mineral, Iron oxide, titanium dioxide are present in very small particles that we can use them in make-up. Mineralised make-up usually doesn’t contain oils, preservatives, perfumes, which we can find in more ‘traditional’ make-up. It are those last two that often provoke irritation. This means, mineralised make-up is ideal for an easy irritable skin.

If you take a look at the ingredients from M.A.C. then you can find one oil, jojoba; and two preservatives. So actually, this powder doesn’t meet the definition of a minerilised powder. But ok, the name doesn’t matter that much, as long as the powder does his work.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!DSC01455
After countless failures, I only use one powder and that’s this one. Other powders I tried, had none or little effect, quickly went off my skin,… This powder is perfect to cover up pigment spots, age spots,… on your face. It gives a real solid result. In the M.A.C store, they advised me to apply the powder on top of my foundation and indeed this gives the best result. But if it has to go quick in the morning, I sometimes apply it just on top of my day cream and that also looks good.

The price is 29.95 euros, a bit more expensive than other powders I used to test, but so worth it.

DSC01347When you are looking for that colour that fits your facial tone, then be aware that your complexion changes over the seasons. This means you probably need another shade during summer and spring than winter and fall. When I bought my first Mineralize powder at M.A.C, they helped me out really well to find a perfect fit. So don’t hesitate to ask for help. Always buy a good brush to apply the powder. Hereby, it’s important to buy one, which you think, feels soft and doesn’t cause irritation. Because the last thing you want, is the perfect powder, which you apply with a brush that causes you irritation.

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