Garancia diabolique tomate, a water cream for a healthy complexion

Looking for a 24H moisturizing active care cream with a light texture
Try! Garancia water cream diabolique tomate for a plumping complexion

Garancia has such great This is a very satisfying formula! The most important ingredients and highlights are:
– antioxidants: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (vitamin E), Oryza Sativa Bran Oil and lycopene
– skin brightening: ascorbic acid
– skin identical ingredients: glycerin and sunflower seed oil
-soothing ingredients: sunflower seed oil
– alcohol-free formula!

A selection of botanical ingredients; tomato pulp extract, rice extract, shea butter, bio lemon juice extract is also added which all together work on stimulating the hydartion of the skin.

garancia water cream
garancia water cream

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
A handy pump system, which also hides light and air sensitive ingredients as the included vitamin E and is better for microbiological contamination.

Tomato lycopene, a carotene, from the tomato pulp extract, is a strong oxidant and gives your skin a subtle, natural colour. It’s not an included foundation, it’s a natural extract, which gives your skin a subtle teint.

Always apply this cream after your serum in the morning and evening. You will see, it feels very fresh when you put it on your face. It’s absorbed so quickly and thus afterwards so easy to put your make-up on directly.
A richer version of this cream is also available for those suffering from a dry skin.

Garancia has a lot of great products, check out this one and all of them on their website here!

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