A topper in the range of the filorga skin care products, the NCTF lotion

Searching for a lotion to prepare your skin for your daily skin care rituel?
Try! a must-have filorga skin care product, NCTF lotion

Testing my first Filorga product with this one and I’m really excited!
Filorga, the 1st French aesthetic medicine laboratory. Originally, they were only making injectable products for specialists. Afterwards they have made their products available to the general public and have named it MEDI-COSMETIQUE®. These anti-ageing products are being formulated with NCEF. This is a unique compound which encapsulates the active ingredients used in injections and therefore very powerful!


This is a skin preparing lotion. In other words, it prepares your skin for your skin care routine. It’s not like a regular lotion and it’s not a cleansing product. This NCEF essence contains a few important ingredients:

  • a hydration concentrate: a combination of different hydrating ingredients 
  • NCTF, or New Cellular Treatment Factor, is a pantented skin booster. This is a combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, co-enzyms and antioxidants. This combination works on your teint, eclat and gives you a younger looking eclat!
filorga skin care products
filorga skin care products

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
After cleansing your skin, it’s time for the NCTF essence! Apply to the palm of your hand or with a cotton pad to the whole face, until the product has been completely absorbed.
Do not rinse it off! You apply it after cleansing and before your serum and after that, your day – and night cream. The fragrance is light and flowery and smells amazing. 
It’s easily absorbed by your skin, so you don’t have to wait very long to continue with the rest of your routine.

However, my skin did feel a little bit dry after applying it which is weird because it contains hydrating ingredients. But after that, you apply yourtonic, serum and day -or night cream so your skin will feel hydrated.
In conclusion, my skin looks better. More vibrant, more eclat and less skin problems. It’s the first time I’m testing a product like this, so I cannot compare it with another one. But if your main concern is, a more vibrant looking skin, this is your product.
For more info about Filorga products, press here!

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