Fall and Get Up!

You have different tipes of scars: superficial wounds, skin irritatation, surgical and dermatological procedures.
Try! Cicalfate from Avène, if you want to make sure they become more vague. This product contains a copper/zinc/manganese complex and gives fast results. Don’t get your hopes up, because it will never go completely away with these kind of products.

Big scars, little scars, by stupidly falling, because of pimples or because of an operation. A lot of different forms and sizes and causes. But what happens to the skin before you see that scar and how does this scar actually?

How does a wound appear and heal and how does a scar appear afterwards?
When a wound occurs, the normal coherence of the skin tissue is broken. In the first phase our body is going to want to clean the wound from debris, blood rests,…  So rinsing the wound yourself with (physiological) water is important. Afterwards new vessels and cicatrix tissue is formed.
In the last phase, a real recovery of these blood vessels will occur. Now the wound will start to look less red, more supple. If the wound healing is disturbed by for example infection, a bad blood flow,… a cicatrice can occur.

Which types of wounds are we handling here?

  • Superficial wounds like parched skin on the lips, hands,…
  • Skin irritation: dry, red, flaky skin and diaper rash
  • Little surgical and dermatological procedures

Tips, Tricks& Testing!
I think, I’m the ideal person to test these kind of products for you, since I would certainly have a fidelity card from the hospital if this would exist. I tested the following products:


– Cicaplast from La Roche-Posay: a gel which speeds up the recovery of the skin (copper/zinc/manganese complex). It has a calming, cooling effect and is usually applied after small dermatological procedures. I used it after a  small surgery and the scar healed nicely. Cicaplast also exist as a balm, which is especially recommended for small everyday skin problems (scratches, diaper rash,…).

– A-derma Epithéliale AH crème Réparatrice: this cream also promotes skin recovery. I used this one, when I had a rather deep knife wound and it healed very nicely. Also my sister tested it for my but then on scars which were generated by acne, and she found this a truly great product.

DSC01511Cicalfate Avène has a large range of products, from little to big scars, an emulsion, a cream and a lotion. It contains the same complex as in the Cicaplast from La Roche-Posay. The price/100 ml is almost the same, so need to worry about that. For me personally Avène gives better and faster results than La Roche-Posay.


When do you apply these products and for how long?
When you want to apply these products after surgical procedures, always follow the advice the doctor, surgeon and/or pharmacist give you. Nevertheless, the deeper and bigger the wound, the longer you will need to apply the products and this 2/day. On my skin, the scars after surgical procedures never went completely away but they became more blurred. So don’t make yourself illusions that you will be able to get rid of these scars completely.

Good luck testing 🙂

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