Extremely dry, irritated and atopic skin

If you suffer from atopic eczema, the moisture level of your skin will be too low. It’s important to treat your skin twice a day with an intense moisturiser.
Try! I had the best results with Avène Xeracalm AD.

Atopic eczema, something a lot of people struggle with. I also wrestled with it when I was younger and now sometimes it still occurs when my skin gets dry during winter.

When someone suffers from atopic eczema, fewer lipids are present in the skin. These lipids protect the skin from the entry of external substances and make sure it can hold on to enough moisture. When someone suffers from atopic eczema, more substances can pass the skin barrier and thus it is more vulnerable. The symptoms are a result of a too high activity of the immune system on these substances.

On one hand, there is the hereditary cause, usually someone else in the family suffers from an atopic disorder; asthma, hay fever,… On the other hand we can see a reaction on allergic but also on not-allergic factors. As a general rule, it can occur on every age, it can appear for a short time, or it can become chronical, it can disappear and re-occur.


  • Extremely dry skin that can feel rough
  • Can become flaky
  • Red, dry spots
  • Itchiness
  • Blisters filled with fluid

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
The skin is dry to very dry when suffering from this disorder, so we need a way to get get the moisture level of the entire body skin back on track with the aid of fatty creams. The following creams, I tested myself:


Avène Xeracalm AD exists as an emollient balm or cream, both of them available in a tube. The addition of primrose oil is valuable as this is a source of antioxidants and linoleic acid (fatty acid). I think the fragrance is a bit less pleasant but the result I got was really good and very visible. I used it for 10 days, twice a day and saw that my skin looked a lot better.

  • DSC01437Lipikar AP+balm from La Roche-Posay Good moisturising ingredients but now antioxidants present here. I saw a much better and faster improvement with the creams from Avène. Though Lipikar is easier to spread out and smells better. If I have to pick, I chose Xeracalm because of its quick results.

Attention! Colder temperatures often make your skin even more dry because of the low air humidity. On the other hand, summer can worse the itchiness because of sweat.  So it is possible your skin needs another cream, as seasons change. During wintertime, you might need a more fatty cream then during summer.

Good luck 🙂

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