Eucerin stretch marks caring oil for better skin elasticity

During and after your pregnancy, your skin has to endure a lot!
Try! Eucerin stretch marks to diminish stretch marks from 3 months on

Your epidermis (the skin you can see) can endure a lot and is very elastic. The tissue below is less elastic and small fractions can originate here when your skin grows too quickly. This gives the small red marks in your skin, stretch marks.
We don’t only see this during pregnancy, also during puberty (quick growth), overweight or intensive sporters.

I started with Eucerin caring oil for stretch marks at almost 4 months. You can start after 3 months already.
This oil contains the following ingredients:
– a combination of different oils: macadamia, sesamum seed oil,… which are strong emollients
– tocopherol: vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant
– doesn’t contain alcohol
– does contain a bit perfume

Almost all women will experience these stretch marks. No matter what people say, the chance is high you will get them. But, you can try to minimise this as much as possible, by taking good care of your skin. Actually, you want to feed your skin with hydrating ingredients to help it to handle this stretch!
Applying a product, like the Eucerin caring oil, against stretch marks, daily, preferably 2 times a day can help. You can also do like me, and take another product in the morning and evening. I use Lierac

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Use this caring oil once or twice daily. This oil is totally not greasy, so can definitely be used in the morning and evening, as it is absorbed quickly into the skin.
This product is in a bottle without pump system. At first, this doesn’t seem handy, but I can assure you, not too much oil comes out when you turn it upside down.
Due to the added perfume, it doesn’t smell like an oil. It actually smells very good and fresh.

You can use this caring oil during your pregnancy but also afterwards to keep your skin elastic, in good condition als after you had your baby.
Don’t fall for all these marketing tricks during your pregnancy on expensive creams.
It’s important to use a product that hydrates very good, with a combination of different emollients, like this stretch mark oi by Eucerin. A good price/quality product.

Find out more about this product and other great Eucerin products here!

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