Eucerin booster with vitamine C, yoir perfect anti-aging serum!

Looking for a good serum based on a high vitamin C concentration?
Try! Eucerin booster with 10% vitamin C, to prevent the signs of aging!

I definitely already talked about oxidative stress, free radicals,… in one of my older blogs.
Nevertheless, I will shortly explain it again.
Pollution, smoking, the sun,… they can all provoke oxidative stress. This latter can lead to lines, wrinkles,…
Antioxidants like vitamin C, E,… can break through this circle and protect you against these first signs (and later signs) of ageing.
This little bottle contains 10% vitamin C or more precise ascorbic acid, the king of vitamin C. This form is most researched when it comes to skin benefits.
10% is a quite high. If you decide to by a skin booster, please check the concentration. Paying a lot for a product with only a small amount is really a waste of money.

So what makes this product so great?

Vitamin C, a great ingredient with multiple benefits:
– makes pigment spots less visible and brightens
– protects the skin from irritation, inflammation and environmental pollution
– It promotes skin’s natural healing process
– gives the skin better protection from UV rays

eucerin booster
eucerin booster

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
So read the leaflet before using it because you still have to activate the product. This is a good thing because vitam C is sensitive to air and degrades easily.
You have to press the rubber below to activate the vitamin C powder. You want the powder the blend hyaluronic acid and licochalcone a. These two are respectively a moisturizer and an ingredient to soften the skin.
Afterwards, you shake it and then turn upside down and press the soft button to release the formula.

As a result, your skin will feel smoother, you’ll see the spots diminish or even almost entirely go away!
I used it morning and evening after cleansing and before my moisturizer. After the first bottle, I went to once every day and now (third bottle) only a few times a week to keep the results. I guess I will have to drive it up again.

I’m a big fan of vitamin C and could go on and on about it.
But you can also click on the link here to learn more about this great product.

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