Estee lauder double wear water fresh make-up simply covers up everything!

You need make up that covers up everything and feels super light?
Try! Estee lauder double wear water fresh make-up for all skin types

If you want a nude look, with a product as light as water, then this estee lauder double wear is what you need. With this lightweight fluid, you will not even notice you are wearing anything. It will give your face an egal look and teint and keep the rest of your make-up on much longer.

This product has the following benefits:
– SPF 30, with zinc oxide
– antioxidants: tocopheryl acetate,
– skin identical ingredients: glycerin, sodium hyaluronate,…

So, a foundation that protects your from the signs of ageing and hydrates! Sounds ideal to me!

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Shake the bottle well before using the estee lauder double wear.
You have a lot of shades to pick from, 36 in total to be exactly. So there is one for every skin colour or shade.

Test the colour that fits your skin on your face itself, not on your hand. The colour on your hand is still different from your face. And let’s be honest, you don’t want to end up with a bad colour when you come home.

You don’t need a lot of the estee lauder double wear to cover up everything. Just turn the bottle upside down on your finger and this should be enough for a light coverage. If you need more, just turn it upside down once more.

Estee Lauder has great make up products! I know that they are a bit more expensive than other products, but you don’t need a lot and the products really hold on for a long time and cover up great!
These foundations are available in your Ici Paris XL perfumery. Ask someone to help you pick out the colour that fits your skin best. And in the meantime check out some other make up products here!

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