Dark circles

Because of stress, allergies, bad blood circulation, hyperpigmentation,… you can get dark circles under your eyes. Hydrating this area is very important. And if that doesn’t help, then using camouflage is the way to go.
Try! Aqualia Thermal eye roll-on from Vichy and a Korres concealer.
Don’t forget! protect the skin under the eyes from the sun. Use Réflexe Solaire 50+ from Avène.

These dark circles around my eyes, I often wonder if it’s just from not getting enough sleep? Sentences like: ‘Looks like you had a rough night? You didn’t sleep a lot, I see?!’ are very familiar to me. So, to avoid these nasty remarks, the question is: how do I get rid of them?!

How do I get these dark circles?
It seems, that the older we get, the worser these circles get as well? This is because the skin under your eyes is already thinner than on the rest of your body and getting older, only makes this thinner. This is also why this colour change exists.

Other causes:
– Low moisture content in the skin under the eyes
– Stress, not getting enough sleep
– Bad blood circulation
– Allergies
– Hyperpigmentation

Tips, Tricks & Testing!

DSC01406Unfortunately, there is nothing we can change about getting older. What we can do, is make sure the skin under the eyes stays well hydrated (and that we get enough sleep, don’t have to much stress and that we protect the skin under the eyes and the rest of your skin from UV).
Obviously, the cosmetic industry did not leave this opportunity untouched  and offers us a wide range of products for this particular skin problem:

  • Hydrating eye creams and gels: Aqualia Thermal eye roll-on from Vichy, is one of my absolute favorites. This is a roll-on gel for the eyes contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It absorbs so quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long to apply your day -or night cream. This is a big advantage for me, especially in the morning, as everything has to go fast
  • Concealers: make sure your concealer is one to two shades lighter than your own skin colour when you want to buy one. One of the concealers I think is amazing is the one from Korres (wild rose concealer), een Greec beauty brand, which gave me good results. Moreover, this concealer has a handy brush to rub the product out.
  • As hyperpigmentation is also a cause of these dark circles, it is important to protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun.  You can find more info in the article about pigmentation spots.

How to apply?

DSC01468When you gently touch the skin under your eyes, you can feel a bone, the orbital bone. This is where you should apply eye creams. If you apply the cream while you gently push towards the outside of your face, you will make sure you get rid of the byproducts. This way, you also promote the blood circulation and thus the dark (colour) in dark circles. So, if you are also tired of those annoying remarks of your colleagues, I would say ‘let’s start testing!’

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