Try this Darphin skin regimen for a perfect looking skin!

Ever heard about Darphin?
Try! Intral cleanser and toner and the Exquisage serum and day/night moisturiser, the perfect Darphin skin regimen.

I was invited by Darphin to get more info on their brand, products a few weeks ago. After this, they also asked me to test a few of their products. I got a real skin regimen!

Darphin skin regimen
Darphin skin regimen

Every single product of Darphin has a great texture and smell; this is what they are known for. The Intral cleanser and toner have a flowery aroma. You cannot use these around the eyes. Don’t try it cause it will tickle, which is less user friendly then for example their Azahar Cleansing Micellar water. But the exquisite odor and texture (polysaccharide is included, so the toner is not that liquid as other toners) make it worth every penny.

With these products, I also use the Exquisage range. This anti-ageing range is not so concentrated as for example their Stimulskin. These products are thus more an overall anti-ager. Darphin always chooses ingredients from a natural origin. I found ingredients like artichoke (for a more even skin tone) in the serum. And cucumber (cooling), tomato (a certain protection against UV damage), sunflower (for supple and soft skin) and barley (rich in antioxidants, vitamins,…) in the day cream. Both contain Darphins “Cellu Vie complex”, for an ageless skin. I put the serum on my skin morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. The serum works on a more elastic and firmer skin. And the cream, really hydrates your skin.

Darphin skin regimen
Darphin skin regimen

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I must say, I’m in love with their odours and how their products feel on your skin. It’s absolutely a top experience for me to use these. The fragrance of the serum and the cream are really fresh, reminds me a little bit of the Davidoff perfume. The products are also immediately absorbed by your skin, which is easy. Because directly after the serum, you can use the day cream and this is not always the case for some products. I’m happy with the results, especially how my skin feels. It is really soft and supple. My skin stays nicely hydrated during the day except for my nose and some spots on my cheecks which was weird. So or the cream is ‘too rich’ for me or it has to do with me (allergy?) So, I must say, these products get my full approval, if you are ready for anti-ageing products (30+). The price is higher (150 euro for the cream and serum) than all other products, I presented, but I already used it now for a month and the jars aren’t even half empty, so you hold on to it for a long time.

Enjoy Darphins exquisite Exquisage! Check their range here!

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