CNP laboratory dual balance anti-oily toner, a Korean skin care brand

I wanted to try a new skin care brand and did some research in Taiwan
Try! CNP laboratory dual balance anti-oily toner, a Korean skin care brand

Last year November, I went to Taiwan. A skin care lover can’t go to another country without looking for and experiencing new skin care brands. I discovered CNP Laboratory, a Korean skin care brand.

This is a multi-benefit toner for an oily skin:
– Maintains your moisture balance & strengthens: betaine, allantoin and Madecassoside
– Anti-oily effect: Horseshoe Apes Mushroom 
– Sebum regulator: Lavender flower extract
– Cleansing: Lavender flower extract

This toner is alcohol and fragrance-free. Try to avoid toners with excessive alcohol, as this might even turn your skin more greasy than before.
If you have been fudging on pustules, it’s good to desinfect with something anti-bacterial, like a cream based on silver,…

CNP laboratory dual balance
CNP laboratory dual balance

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
A toner is a necessary added value to your skin care routine when you have an oily skin. You would be surprised how much dirt can still come off your skin after you have cleansed it. And especially with an oily skin it’s important your skin is free from too much sebum and other dirt particles to be able to restore itself.
A toner can help you with that. It’s used after cleansing and before your moisturizer.

Use the CNP laboratory dual balance toner directly on your face and then go over with a cotton path or first spray it on a path and then go over your face.
A toner is always to be used after your cleanser and before your serum or moisturizer.

I’m so glad that I bought this product. I was using a toner which was definitely not appropriate for my skin, as I got more and more blackheads after a while. Or it was not the right one for this time of the year, as it worked perfectly during winter.
This is something to keep in mind, it could be that a product is super good for your skin during a particular time, but then it changes, as your skin changes as well.

CNP has other great products, and amazon can deliver them! If you want to know more this product, chech it here!

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