CC dull correct for an even complexion and a boost of radiance

Looking for a multi-benefit corrector to cover up everything?
Try! CC dull correct by Erborian will fix you up in less than a minute

Because of pollution, UV, fine particles, stress, a hectic lifestyle, your skin tone can get dull.
If you have an uneven skin tone and you need a quick fix, try the cc dull correct.
Like the pink perfect cream, this product is also based on Korean beauty rituals.

They encapsulated a blend of violet pigments in the cream. This colour counterbalances the colour of a dull skin. A bit like a concealer. In addition, they also included micro pearls which reflect the light and give your complexion a luminous boost.
Other interesting ingredients are:

  • extract of Licorice brightens your skin and has antioxidant properties
  • Centella Asiatica has firming and anti-ageing properties
  • Glycerin, moisturises the skin
  • vitamin E as an antioxidant
  • SPF25

In the end your complexion looks revived, and is visibly more beautiful and radiant.

cc dull correct
cc dull correct

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Everytime your skin looks tired, dull,… You can apply the cc dull correct. It’s actually like a cc cream because it also covers up flaws. But you can also use it locally on uneven spots. You’ll see that it perfectly adjust to your skin tone!
You can use it whenever you want! The best results you get in winter. But it’s also ideal when you live in the city and are exposed to a lot pollution, which makes your skin look dull or after summer to hold on to that glow!

If you want to know more about this wonderful product or other Erborian products, click here!

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