One of the best nuxe products, the Nuxellence Eye Contour!

Looking for an eye cream that makes a difference?
Try! one of the best nuxe products, the Nuxellence Eye area cream; soothes, illuminates and calms!

Sometimes I use my day -and night cream as an eye cream. You can do that! You don’t want to have a product that is good (doens’t cause reaction) for your entire face but causes a reaction under your eye! It should be even sensitive for all areas! But now I wanted to test a real eye cream for a change. A beauty advisor advised me Nuxellence eye contour! In her words; one of the best nuxe products! Let’s see if it’s true 🙂

I absolutely love the fact that it includes a shade. It is a self adjustable shade, so it can be used by anyone.
The most important ingredients are:
– Smoothing, hydrating ingredients: hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin,…
– Illuminators (silicia) to give your under-eye area a radiant eclat
– Talc gives a matte, smooth effect
– Calming ingredients: calendula, passiflora,…

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
This eye cream is to be applied like any other eye cream, on the whole eye area in the morning and evening. The product has a handy metal applicator that instantly gives your under eye area a fresh, cool feeling. This combined with all those ingredients gives an instant effect.

best nuxe products

I’m not a fan about including perfume in an eye cream but it is special created to be used in a sensitive area. I didn’t have any problems with it, no redness, dryness,… so I kept using it.
You can use, or better, you should be able to use your day and night cream under your eyes. A product should be equally good for the skin on the cheecks as your under eye area.
A special eye cream can have some advances, like the applicator, extra calming and illuminating ingredients.
I’m a big fan of this eye cream, as it is multifunctional and multibeneficial.
Go and discover it here!
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