The bebe range by uriage, a sensitive skin baby range!

If you are searching for a cosmetic product for a sensitive baby skin?
Try! bebe Uriage Xémose for a dry to atopic skin on an oily base!

The skin of your baby is 5 times more thin than you own skin! So, I think it sounds logic you don’t want to expose it to agressive skin care ingredients like some perfumes and alcohol.

On top, there is a genetic factor! If you have some kind of allergy (food, eczema, dust mites, hay fever…) your baby has 30% chance to get an allergy. This goes up to 60% if both parents have an allergy!

So, because of these two reasons, I think it’s wise to go for a soft product, ideal for a sensitive skin!
This bebe Uriage Xémose range is ideal for a sensitive baby skin because:
– it does not contain perfume
– contains soft skin care ingredients like glycerin
– oily skin care products to hydrate a dry to atopic skin

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
In the hospital, they already advised us to start with an oil. That’s how bebe Uriage Xémose got my attention. No perfume, no essential oils, oil based, no harmful ingredients!
Take a washing cloth and make it wet. Pump 3 times to soak it in cleansing oil. You can use this over the hair and body. But use only water for the face!

You can use the soothing balm after your baby took a bath on the entire face and body.

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