Apotcare pure serum, a personalised pure serum combination

You want to create your own personalised combination of serums?
Try! apotcare pure serum, to get your own, unique combo of essential ingredients.

I completed a questionnaire and got three serums, adapted to my skin. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin A. Actually this means I want a good hydrator and my first anti-ageing ingredient.

  • Hyaluronic acid 5%: gives your skin a moisturising boost for a good hydrated complexion.
  • Vitamin A retinoid pure serum 0,9%, retinyl palmitate: reduces lines and wrinkels and repairs damaged skin cells. The ultimate anti-ager!
    But this is a very sensible to light so don’t leave it open and preferably use it in the evening. Because it’s so sensitive it’s best to use it in combination with an antioxidant. Therefore, vitamin E is added here! It contains 0,9% which is quite high and actually a good concentration to profit from anti-ageing benefits.
  • Collagen: also a good water binder but doesn’t have anti ageing benefits as most people think.

Tips, Tricks & Testing!
Just answer 20 simple questions about your age and off course skin condition to see which three serums fit you best and get your apotcare pure serum combination.

I got hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and collagen. An ideal combination for my skin needs, so this will probably not be your personalised combo.
The serums are easy to rub in, don’t feel greasy and give your skin a healthy eclat.
Personally, I still needed a day -and night cream afterwards, so it’s not sufficient enough to hydrate my skin. Again, this could be different for someone else. If you have a very greasy skin for example, this could be sufficient.

If you want to create your own personalised skin care routine with apotcare pure serum, just go to the website here! This way you will get 3 serums unique for your skin.

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