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11402451_1586823348248962_1832085705763659846_oI’m Emilie-Marie Vanmarcke, 30-something Antwerp based girl and crazy about a healthy skin in a healthy body!

I graduated as a pharmacist and did an Erasmus year in Paris, the cosmetic capital, which was absolutely amazing. In this year, I got bitten by dermatology, cosmetics and everything around that. Though, I immediately saw one problem; there is an overload! And as a consumer, you just want what fits you best! But because there is absolutely no shortage in cosmetics, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, don’t you think? One simple complaint equals at least 10 different products that could be used. My friends regulary ask me for help and this is how Your Skin’s Choice became alive. They are actually still my drive to keep this blog running!


Afterwards I also saw that a lot of things we do and eat reflect on how we look so I started to read a lot about what’s healthy eating and sporting. And then I realised, I should just put all the healthy advise in my blog and that’s how healthy skin, healthy food & body were born.

I like helping people, giving them advise,… That’s also why I started my pharmaceutical studies in the first place. As more people started following me, asking me questions, I got the opportunity to test more products, learn more about skin care and help more people out to find that perfect fit and that’s my perfect drive.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have specific questions about cosmetics or if you have dermatological complaints on info@yourskinschoice.com.

And now… Test & Enjoy!
Happy Skin with Your Skin’s Choice!


  1. Hey Emilie
    Dank je wel voor deze bijzondere fijne ‘skinloving – blog’ ! 😊🙏
    We hebben elkaar ontmoet in de Medimarket in Zemst.
    Je gaf tips over mijn aandoening Rosacea en coupe rouge… en toen ging ik op vakantie en miste we elkaar…
    Hopelijk vinden we nog een tref – moment.
    Warme groetjes

    1. He Christel, op deze manier kan je me steeds vragen stellen, ook al werk ik niet meer voor MM.
      Succes met de tips die ik je gaf, ik hoop dat ze helpen 🙂

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